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Active shooter scenarios have unfortunately become a tragic reality in our everyday world. As we continue to remember those who have fallen victim to such heinous events we must also look forward and consider how we can prepare should we be faced with such a situation. 
As flight attendants we are in different cities and countries on a daily basis.


That fact alone makes it more likely you will be put in a high risk situation. It may not be pleasant to think about but it is far better to BE AWARE! Make it a habit to HAVE A PLAN everywhere and anywhere you go! 

The following video provided by our friends at the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration helps with tips in creating just such a plan. 

Be Safe and Safe Flying,
 our Air Safety, Health and Security Committee

What Does This Team Do?


Specific Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Acts in an advisory role to the LEC Officers on safety matters


  • Studies local air safety and health problems and prepares recommendations to be presented to the LEC Officers for consideration


  • Reviews material, handles correspondence, and keeps the local members well informed of current safety developments.


  • Attends management monthly meetings and debriefings when safety related issues are discussed.



Why Would I Contact This Team?


The ASHS Team is available to help you with:


  • Concerns or reports of safety, health, or security hazards onboard the aircraft and in other work locations.

  • Obtaining resources and information from the AFA International Air Safety, Health, & Security Department.

  • Questions about completing the WBAT form.




Who Do I Contact?


For assistance, contact any member of the ASHS Team.  

ASHS Email Address:



















































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Kerri Chow

(808) 219- 5615


Councils 43 and 47 ASHS Meeting: Ryan Sanico, Chasity Toledo, Geoffrey Alexander, LAX's Linda Edwards, MEC Chairperson Kerri Chow and LAX's Wes Hirata.


Air Safety, Health & Security (ASHS) Team


Chasity Toledo

Ryan Sanico

Linda Edwards