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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Team

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  • Flight Attendant Wellness App is available for iPhone and Android.


  •  Visit the iTunes or Google Play Store and search for "Flight Attendant Wellness" from FADAP.





What Does This Team Do?

The EAP is a support service provided by Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants, their families, and partners.  EAP peer representatives are trained to provide three distinct, but interrelated, service that include assessment, support, and referral services, professional standards, and critical incident response.



Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

Assessment, Support, and Referral Services


  • Provide support to a troubled Flight Attendant (TFA) during the problem resolution process.


  • When professional services or resources are required, identify an appropriate referral/s and facilitates the TFA’s successful linkage to it Professional Standards.


  • Offer a range of conflict resolution strategies, skills, and support to help co-workers resolve disputes among themselves without the need of management intervention Critical Incident Response.


  • Offer and/or coordinate a range of critical incident stress management services to promote and accelerate recovery in the aftermath of traumatic and/or critical incidents, both on and off the job.



Why Would I Contact This Team?

The EAP and Professional Standards Team is available to help you with:


  • Help find various resources for Flight Attendants

  • Personal and work problems

  • Support after a critical incident

  • Assistance in conflict situations with coworkers (Flight Attendants, Pilots and Customer Service Agents)


Who Do I Contact?

For assistance, contact any member or Team Leader:

JUNE 15,2015




Interactive features relating to: 

• Coping with Post-Trauma Stress

• Mindfulness

• Sleep Quality and Insomnia

• Substance Use



The Flight Attendant Wellness App is a collaborative effort of teams from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention supported by the Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace (PAW), the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP). The app application platform as well as the non-flight attendant specific content  is scientifically-based and largely derived from the Personal Health Intervention Toolkit.  The toolkit was originally developed for the Department of Defense for soldiers returning from active duty deployment. The flight attendant specific information is derived from studies and collaborative efforts between CSAP and Flight Attendant populations including a flight attendant occupation specific substance abuse screener which includes prescription drug misuse.


Available for iPhone and Android. Visit the iTunes or Google Play Store and search for "Flight Attendant Wellness" from FADAP.





Kawehi Apo


cell 222.2462

Namahana Lota, 778.8484
Christina Olive, 443.1754
Jackie Ohai, 728.5848
Carol Koko`o, 386.1433
Malia Kerr, 634.3499
Patrick Smith, 479.3311
Ka`ula Kamahele, 778.7492
David "Kawika" Mahoe, 725.0043
Lia Wolfe, 223.7941
Zelda Alimoot, 783.9539
Japanese Language
Yuka Uchida, 343.9386
Mika Inaba, 268.2855
Korean Language
Min Kwon Nappi, 782.6858
French Language
Valerie Brashears, 783.9075
Samoan Language
Uta Sio-McLin, 228.0606
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EAP Team! H43/47 & MEC 

Kahea Ching


cell 203.9512


Uta Sio-McLin


Malia Kerr


Other Available EAP representatives:

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