What Does This Committee Do?


Specific Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Acts in an advisory role to the LEC Officers on safety matters


  • Studies local air safety and health problems and prepares recommendations to be presented to the LEC Officers for consideration


  • Reviews material, handles correspondence, and keeps the local members well informed of current safety developments.


  • Attends management monthly meetings and debriefings when safety related issues are discussed.



Why Would I Contact This Committee?


The ASHS Team is available to help you with:


  • Concerns or reports of safety, health, or security hazards onboard the aircraft and in other work locations.

  • Obtaining resources and information from the AFA International Air Safety, Health, & Security Department.

  • Questions about completing the WBAT form.




Who Do I Contact?


For assistance, contact any member of the ASHS Team.  


Committee Chair                                                Committee Member















































LEC 47 Air Safety, Health & Security (ASHS) Team

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Wes Hirata



Elise Duggins







Interactive features relating to: 

• Coping with Post-Trauma Stress

• Mindfulness

• Sleep Quality and Insomnia

• Substance Use



The Flight Attendant Wellness App is a collaborative effort of teams from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention supported by the Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace (PAW), the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP). The app application platform as well as the non-flight attendant specific content  is scientifically-based and largely derived from the Personal Health Intervention Toolkit.  The toolkit was originally developed for the Department of Defense for soldiers returning from active duty deployment. The flight attendant specific information is derived from studies and collaborative efforts between CSAP and Flight Attendant populations including a flight attendant occupation specific substance abuse screener which includes prescription drug misuse.


Available for iPhone and Android. Visit the iTunes or Google Play Store and search for "Flight Attendant Wellness" from FADAP.