Council 47 Officers






LEC President Melissa Hooper



Initially, the reason I got involved with the Union in the first place was mostly in part to the constant, recurring issues that involved Reserves rights being violated.  Being a strong believer and advocate of all things fair, I felt the need to volunteer my services as Reserve Liaison when the opportunity arose.  Then I got more involved in daily operations, assisting Joni and Jackie with various issues, not limited to but including scheduling clarifications, grievances, other Union projects, working with Management successfully to resolve issues.  
Having had such a hardworking and dedicated leadership for the last 9 years, their mentoring and support not only gave me the confidence to run for LEC President, but it also inspired me.  Then, when Craig and Maile volunteered their services to run with me that just solidified my decision.  
I hope to fulfill my duty in serving the membership well and do the best job I can with what I learn and experience.  I hope to provide members with the tools they need to operate successfully and fairly in this industry, as well as sustain the good working relationship with our Management team, that our predecessors have established.  I hope that I am able to respectfully represent our group along with Craig and Maile, throughout this term.  

Years of service:  I was hired in September 2006
Union experience:  Reserve Liaison since May 2011,;Grievance Committee Member; assisting Joni and Jackie in daily union operations.
Passions outside of work:  Taking care of my French bulldog Tank, watching my favorite TV shows and knitting. 






















LEC Vice-President Craig Iwasaki




I have been with Hawaiian Airlines for 14 years, been an EAP member for 13 years.  I ran for the office of VP because I wanted to support our LAX base, Melissa, and Maile.  I would like to continue the great job that the past Officers have done.  I will try to be open and understanding to all, knowing that the job comes with its highs and lows and a certain amount of confidentiality.  If I can accomplish that, I would have done my job.  

I was asked to list my passions outside of Hawaiian.  People might think that cooking is a passion of mine, I do like a good party and food, but I look at cooking as a necessary evil.  I have to eat, so why not try and cook a good meal.  One of my passions would be a good movie, a movie that will make me think, it takes me away for the moment, or just entertains me.  I enjoy collecting movies, hiking, long walks, tennis, bowling, card games, table games.  I am trying to travel within the United States instead of traveling abroad.  We have some unbelievable landscapes in the United States and I would love to see as many as I can.  My favorite passion – my dogs Mika and Ava.

























LEC Secretary Beth Hayes



I have been with Hawaiian for just over 30 years. I first started my union work on the Grievance Committee 4 years ago. I had flown a low time schedule for many years as I raised my children and now that they were grown, I had wanted to be involved in some aspect of our union.  I have always been passionate about getting things done correctly and had felt that due to our overwhelming problems with scheduling that this would be the right committee for me. 2 years later I became LEC secretary to support both Melissa and Craig as they inspired me with how hard they work behind the scenes to help resolve issues and obtain better working conditions for us all.


I hope to be able to help and support my fellow FA’s as those in leadership have helped in the past. Outside of Hawaiian I enjoy running and hiking and most importantly spending time with my family! 




Took Office:  January 01, 2016

Term Expires: December, 2018

AFA Election Categtory II


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Here are the questions your leadership responded to:


-years of service?
-how long @ LA base?
-how long in union?
-what motivated you to get involved with the union?
-any advice/tips/info for our members?
-what are your outside interests & hobbies?

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