When you have a question, issue and/or concern, we encourage you to contact us so we have the opportunity to clarify things.  As we work to get you answers, there are occasions when we have to refer to different contacts and departments.  We would like to thank you, in advance, for your patience and understanding. 


Ensuring that our Flight Attendants have current information is a priority for our leadership.  We are also committed to posting any questions and answers so that the membership is informed. 


We have attempted to group the questions according to topic so that searching for answers is easier.  We also provide the date so you know how current each answer is.  We hope that these FAQs will be solid resource for you!





Q:  I wanted to see what I could hold during bidding by checking hapbs.net however, it was not posted.  What is going on? [June 17, 2015]

A:  Years ago when fellow Flight Attendant Martin Gusman assisted with PBS, he developed a tool for our group to look at trips.  hapbs.net was a program that he maintained and managed.  Having left his PBS role last year, the program was passed along and continued by the company.


Although the program is not required by our Contract, the company does what they can, as a courtesy, to post the results on hapbs.net.  However, due to their limited staff as well as the many practice “runs” they do with navtec, there are occasions when they are not able to post the results in a timely fashion.


Q:  The preliminary bid awards are late.  I checked on the 17th, but it was not posted.  What happened?  [June 18, 2015]

A:  When Fellow Flight Attendant Martin Gusman worked in PBS, he made every effort to post the preliminary bid on the 17th.


However, according to the language in our Contract, the preliminary bid should be posted no later than 1200 LDT (Local Domicile Time; HST) on the 18th.  As of this juncture, the company is merely posting the preliminary and also final award according to the contractual language.


Of course this is not comforting to the group as, for years, we were accustomed to Martin’s efficiency and generosity by posting the awards early.  We can only apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing and hope that you are able to adjust to the company’s timeline so long as it falls within the confines of the our mutual agreement with the company.



Q:  I am frustrated because I used to hold trips that I am no longer able to.  When senior Flight Attendants drop part or their whole line to junior Flight Attendants, I no longer hold what I used to for years  [June 18, 2015]

A:  This is an issue that has been discussed in the past.  As a result, there were several “fixes” and now there is a hold policy in Flica.  While the system is not perfect, it addressed a portion of the trips and not all of our groupings through the system.


Resolving this issue is not easy or clear-cut.  Our membership is divided on how we should address the bidding practice.  Please know that we are researching possible options.  Our leadership does not prefer to write Side Letters.  Also, language with restrictions across the board may create other problems as we currently have a lot of flexibility and freedoms. 


We will caution the group that one change or fix will undoubtably frustrate others in the membership.   We are careful to look at the entire picture to see if there is something that can be done now, without impacting the entire work group adversely.




1. What is the Halafa app? [June 26, 2015]
Our app was designed as a quick-reference tool and resource for the Flight Attendant group using their mobile devices.  [Note:  As of this writing, you can only view it on-line for desktops.] 


The app is a platform where mobile users can easily find work-related items.  The information is centralized so that linking to the appropriate websites and work forms are at your fingertips.


Although most of the links require wireless/internet access, when possible, we try to provide information that does not require the internet. 


More importantly, the Contract is linked in easy-to-refer sections.  We recommend that you save sections 3, 7, 8, 10 and 12 because they are commonly referred to.  When you save it to your ibooks, readers, etc., you will be able to look at the material without using your data plan.


We review and change our tools as need be based on what we think the group needs.  We are also open to suggestions to help provide the best possible product for the entire membership.


2. How do I get the app for my phone, tablet or computer?  [June 29, 2015]

We shared the HALAFA app first with our Contract Support Group.  We have since been sharing it with Flight Attendants that we see both in and out of the lounge.  In doing so, we highly encourage anyone with the app to share it with their classmates, friends and Flight Attendants at work.  Sharing the app helps us open lines of communication with each other and is an opportunity to be stronger as a work group.


If you have yet to receive the app, please e-mail us and we can send you the e-mail invitation.  Saving the app to iphones takes less than 30 seconds.  It is a bit more involved for android phones because there is an extra step of making security setting changes. 


You can also receive an invitation if someone near you has the app on their phone.  S/he would simple touch the “Share This App” button, fill in your e-mail address, then enter her/his name.  Once the form is completed and set, it takes less than a minute for you to open your e-mail invitation, open the link, then upload to your mobile device.


Also, please note that Microsoft, pay as you go, and some other phones may not be able to access the app.  We apologize as there are, again, limitations with the platform, so we are seeking out something that can be translate-able for all mobile users.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


3. How often is the app updated?   [June 30, 2015]

We update the app when necessary.  When there is an update, you will be notified after opening it after you install it on your mobile device.  You will then have the choice to update it.  For Android users, the update is quick.  For some iphone users, you may have to upload the new app and then delete the older version.   Again, we apologize for any inconvenience due to the system limitations.


4. What if I have suggestions on how to improve the app?  [June 30, 2015]

As we continue to work on our app, we will ask for your feedback and input to improve its usefulness.  However, it is important to note that there are program and software limitations that necessitates wireless access.  These limitations can also limit the content on the app.  When you find that this is the case, please resources our halafa.org website as it is more comprehensive. 




1. What is halafa.org?   [AFA Q & As]

Through the past year (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015), we have been working together to help educate the membership.   The MEC and Councils 43 and 47 have been united in philosophy and we always felt that it was necessary to provide the same information to all Hawaiian Airlines Flight Attendants.   


Through working side-by-side, we recognized the importance of a strong and unified website that best serves our members.  So rather than operating three separate websites, we combined our efforts to develop halafa.org, a comprehensive tool for the entire membership.  Although our website is a work-in-progress, the intent is to provide you with information that helps, supports and serves each of you. 


We hope that you turn to halafa.org on a regular basis to get the answers and tools that you need.  If the information that you are searching for is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us.  It is our goal to continuously work hard so that you can be well-informed as an Association of Flight Attendant member!


2. How often is the website updated?  [AFA Q & As] 

We attempt to post information simultaneously on our website and FaceBook page.  We recognize that Flight Attendants are reengaged in different ways.  Some prefer getting posts with updates on FaceBook, others prefer a hard copy of the newsletter, while others rely on the website.  We post information the moment we receive it so you can have the most recent information at your fingertips.