Please contact your respective health care providers for testing and vaccination information. Vaccinations for Hepatitis A (and B) may be cost-free depending on your insurance coverage.  

If you have HMSA, your doctor can either provide the vaccination in office (if applicable) or s/he can write you a prescription to take to a pharmacy that has the vaccinations available. As for Kaiser Permanente, you may need to make an appointment with a clinic and there could be a visit charge. Again, please check with your primary care physician for more complete information/detail and coverage costs.

As for the complimentary vaccinations through Hawaiian Airlines, they will provide more information as they receive it.


What is Hepatitis A?


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A Message from Chief Operating Officer Jon Snook - Important Information Regarding Hepatitis A

I wanted to be the first to inform you that the State of Hawai‘i Department of Health (DOH) will be announcing today that Hawaiian Airlines is one of two of the latest companies in Hawai‘i to self-report an employee who has been confirmed with Hepatitis A. In our case, the individual is a Flight Attendant whose identity, for medical privacy reasons, we are keeping confidential. However, as the DOH will be disclosing later today in the public’s interest, we have isolated the flights that this individual flew between July 1 and July 26 (primarily North America and Neighbor Island routes, with one International flight).
I want to reassure all of you that we are taking the appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the traveling public. While we are taking precautionary measures with crewmembers who may have been exposed to Hepatitis A, the vast majority of employees and guests will likely have a very low risk of contracting the virus. Transmission requires 1) closecontact with a person who has the virus and did not wash their hands, 2) eating contaminated food, or 3) drinking contaminated water.For more information
We are being very proactive to contain any exposure that might have occurred. Since yesterday, we have been reaching out to crewmembers who worked these specific flights during this time period, asking them to come in for varying degrees of mandatory DOH testing and vaccinations. The DOH has indicated that the chance of exposure is very low for our crews, and has given us no reason to believe that any other employee groups at the airport have been exposed to the virus. That being said, all other crewmembers will be offered complimentary Hepatitis A vaccinations, even if they did not work any of the affected flights.
Finally, we are cooperating fully with the DOH in releasing the public announcement which will inform passengers what to do if they have concerns or are experiencing any symptoms (for a list of symptoms,, and include a link our website which will include important information for guests who were on the identified flights.
I can assure you that Hawaiian Airlines is doing everything within our power to manage and isolate this incident. We encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly and practice good hygiene during every day operations.  If you have any concerns about Hepatitis A, we also encourage you to seek the advice of your primary care physician – testing for Hepatitis A is covered under all of our company-sponsored health insurance plans. While we contend with this issue, which will likely draw public attention in the days to come, I know that our employees will demonstrate once again that 'ohana truly defines the community that is Hawaiian Airlines


For more information about Hepatitis A and this specific case, please see the frequently asked questions section of HA People.

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