What Does This Committee Do?

The Government Affairs Committee’s responsibility is to monitor and pursue legislative activities that relate to the AFA-CWA political agenda and to build positive relationships with candidates for office and elected officials.


Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Make suggestions on initiatives that could be pursued in legislative affairs and political matters at the MEC and local level. All problems/issues shall be discussed with the MEC and LEC Government Affairs Committees for coordination at the airline level, or for processing at the AFA-CWA International level

  • Schedule and attend meetings with local elected officials and key staff

  • Act on and follow through on directives as established in the AFA-CWA Constitution & Bylaws and FlightPAC

  • Provide information about the FlightPAC program to Local Council Members. Coordinate enrollment for members who wish to participate.

  • Act on recommendations of the AFA-CWA Director of Government Affairs and AFA-CWA Legislative Policy Committee

  • Offer timely communications and reports to the LEC regarding the status of local activities

  • Review material, handle correspondence, and keep the membership well informed of current legislative developments through the Communications Committee and reports at Local Council meetings

Who Do I Contact?


For assistance, contact a member of the MEC Legislative Affairs Committee.  


Committee Chair:

MEC Legislative Affairs Committee