April 28, 2014


We are pleased to provide current information to you using this newly created section.  We hope that you will check-in regularly for items that we think are pertinent to our Flight Attendant group.  Please know that we will have identical posts on Facebook as well.  



April 24



We have completed our Council 43 Newsletter early and you can find it in your Flight Attendant file. We'd like to thank volunteer Jeffrey Takamine for helping to overhaul the look-and-feel of our publication! Happy Weekend!


April 19


401K BENEFICIARIES - designation update

Late last year, Great-West Financial purchased J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services. Due to this purchase, you will need to update your 401k beneficiary designation. If you have yet to name a designee or update your account, you can log on to www.retireonline.com or call 800.345.2345. The company has assured us that "the change will not impact your account or how it is serviced." However, if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the company's Employee Benefits Team. Thank you.



April 9


We were pleased to co-host our pre-BOD meeting with our brothers and sisters from the United Airlines Honolulu base.  Council 17's LEC President Kevin Batey and International President Sara Nelson helped to discuss each Agenda item slated for our annual BOD later this month.



We also had the support from our MEC President Sharon Soper and MEC Vice President Scott Henton.  It was the first of what we hope will be many joint meetings with United Airlines.













L-R:  MEC Vice President Scott Henton, LEC Vice President Kahea Ching, MEC President Sharon Soper, Kerri Amazaki, LEC President Jaci-Ann Chung, International President Sara Nelson, United Airlines Council 14 LEC President Kevin Batey, Melissa Chinery, Ray Wan, Ilse Epple, Council 14 LEC Secretary Lani Batey, Susan Schwartz and Lucy Mason.


For information regarding our annual BOD click here.  


For specific information regarding the agenda items for this year's BOD click here.



April 7


PRE-BOD MEETING - Wednesday, April 8, 1100 am - 100 pm

Please join us as we welcome AFA-CWA's International President Sara Nelson. She is in town to help us review the Agenda items for our upcoming Board of Directors meeting. We are hosting a joint meeting with our United Airlines brothers and sisters from their Honolulu-base. The meeting is in the Inter-Island Terminal's 7th floor conference room #4.


April 3



The AFA Scholarship Fund is intended to provide financial assistance to dependents of our active members who will be attending a college or university. Please note that applications must be received by April 10, 2015. Complete details can be found on our website (www.afacwa.org/scholarships).

On our website, you will also find information about the CWA Joe Beirne Scholarship that is available to members, as well as spouses, children, and grandchildren. Applications are accepted up through the deadline on April 30, 2015.

Please distribute this information widely to the membership in your LEC or MEC. Typically, there are not as many applicants as you would think, so chances of winning a scholarship are reasonable. As an example, in 2013, there were only 33 applicants for the two AFA Scholarships.


April 2


NATIONAL GROUP PROTECTION - NGP will be in town for a special enrollment period. Although they are usually here once a year, they offered us another week of enrollment because we can piggy-back on another group's schedule. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this special offer, please note their enrollment dates: May 11 - 15, 2015. Their on-site hours will be every day from 900 am - 600 pm with additional hours on Tuesday and Thursday night from 830 - 1030 pm for late check-ins. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!





We are pleased to inform you that the MEC is producing the April Newsletter. Therefore, our next Council 43 newsletter will be available the following month (May 2015).








May 15, 2015



MEC May Newsletter is hot off the press! click here to view the pdf version!



May 13, 2015




Submit a bid for the month in which you’d like to attend service training. Bidding will be opened on May 1st and will close on May 17th at 5:00 p.m. (Hawaii Standard Time). Months will be awarded in seniority order. Failure to bid on time will result in the Training Department assigning a training month. The month in which you will attend service training will be awarded and posted on the IFS website by May 25th.


May 11, 2015




National Group Protection (NGP) will be making an additional visit to the crew lounge from May 11th—15th to communicate the AFA supplemental benefit plans. Please look for the NGP benefit counselors during those dates to enroll or make changes to your existing coverage.  


•           Short-Term Disability

•           Accident Insurance

•           Critical Illness Coverage

•           Whole Life Insurance


There are some benefit enhancements/upgrades this year, so please take the time to sit down with a benefit counselor and review your options.  This is also an excellent time to make sure you have filed for your annual health screening benefits, which are part of the accident and critical illness benefit plans.


•           Supplemental – these plans supplement any existing coverage

•           Voluntary – members choose to participate

•           Limited Underwriting – no medical or physical exams required

•           Family Coverage – available with all of the plans, except disability

•           Portable – members can continue coverage if they leave the company ( except disability)

•           Payroll Deduction – premiums are paid through payroll deduction


If you have any questions regarding the upcoming enrollment, please contact National Group Protection (NGP) at 800-344-9016



May 11, 2015


MEMORANDUM TO: All Flight Attendants


FROM: Crew Planning


SUBJECT: Bid Closing Time


Be aware that bids close on the 17th of every month at 1200PDT and 1500HST in LAX and HNL respectively, and as a result to prepare for the Preliminary Awards the HNL Last Practice Award will be unpublished at 1200HST on the 17th. When the HNL Last Practice Award is unpublished HNL FAs will no longer be able to see their schedules on the Navtech bidding interface calendar. Also know that the only Awards published on the Navtech bidding interface calendar are the First, Extra, and Last Practice Awards. The Preliminary and Final Awards and Reasons for HNL and LAX will be posted on the IFS PBS website for download of all FAs. 




May 4, 2015


We are pleased to provide current information to you using this newly created section.  We hope that you will check-in regularly for items that we think are pertinent to our Flight Attendant group.  Please know that we will have identical posts on Facebook as well.  



May 04, 2015


Vacation Bidding - Changeover delay; from May 6 at 600 pm until May 7 at 200 am


Please know that we have been notified that the vacaton swtich-over to the new system has been delayed. Bid for your vacation using Citrix up unitl Wednesday, May 6 by 600pm. From 600 pm until Thursday, May 7 at 200 am, the entire vacation system will be down so that IT can switch the programs over. This will impact those of you who want to use trip bank for may 7. If yuou need help please email Mike.Correale@Hawaiianair.com and he will assist you based on the trip bank availability. Sorry for any inconvenience. 









 News Archive



JUNE 02, 2015




Management has posted our 1st Quarter Bonus Vacation list; please take a moment to see if you qualified for this quarterly incentive!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST





JUNE 01, 2015




Hot off the press! click here to view the pdf version!

JUNE 08, 2015


MERS - information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


MERS which surfaced three years ago, is not well-understood. Because the virus is still fairly new, doctors and scientists do not know the exact source or mode of its transmission.


Steps to prevent MERS:


1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. 


2. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then dispose of the tissue.


3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.


4. Avoid personal contact, such as kissing, or sharing cups or eating utensils, with sick people.


5. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as doorknobs.


Click on the image below for information from the Center for Disease Control. 






JUNE 04, 2015




"Bridge the Gap is a campaign for all Flight Attendants.  The AFA is conducting a System-Wide Day of Action with Flight Attendants throughout the industry and at airports across the country on June 16, 2015."  Please look at this important campaign to help strengthen our cause!


Bridge the Gap is a Campaign for All Flight Attendants


Wherever any Flight Attendant is discriminated against, it affects our entire profession.  We all want higher pay, better rest and work rules, affordable health care and a reasonable retirement.


Mainline management, who slashed pay and benefits through bankruptcy, are now using their post-merger consolidation to pit workers against each other. 


Management has transferred routes to regional airlines and with it Flight Attendant jobs move to a structure with 45% less pay and benefits where we serve the same passengers paying the same ticket price to travel those routes.


And, there’s so much more than wages at stake, such as fighting fatigue.  We all need adequate work rules to perform as aviation's first responders.    


Discrimination only exists if we fail to act when we think it doesn't affect us individually. We must work together in solidarity to support each other and end discrimination that will undercut our careers. Equal pay for equal work - we will all do better together.





JUNE 13,2015




Congress recently voted down a massive cut to Medicare to help pay for the jobs outsourced by bad trade deals like the TPP.  The TPP is a bad deal for workers, and raiding Medicare to pay for TPP is an even bigger attack on working families and seniors. Use this phone script and vote NO on TAA!

JUNE 15,2015




Interactive features relating to: 

• Coping with Post-Trauma Stress

• Mindfulness

• Sleep Quality and Insomnia

• Substance Use



The Flight Attendant Wellness App is a collaborative effort of teams from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention supported by the Preventing Prescription Abuse in the Workplace (PAW), the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) and the Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP). The app application platform as well as the non-flight attendant specific content  is scientifically-based and largely derived from the Personal Health Intervention Toolkit.  The toolkit was originally developed for the Department of Defense for soldiers returning from active duty deployment. The flight attendant specific information is derived from studies and collaborative efforts between CSAP and Flight Attendant populations including a flight attendant occupation specific substance abuse screener which includes prescription drug misuse.


Available for iPhone and Android. Visit the iTunes or Google Play Store and search for "Flight Attendant Wellness" from FADAP.



JUNE 26, 2015



The AFA-CWA applauds today's Supreme Court’s historic ruling. AFA’s International President Sara Nelson issued a statement:


“Today is a monumental day for women and men across the country who have entered into the institution of marriage but struggled for equal treatment under the law. The Supreme Court agrees with a majority of Americans that we must put an end to this shameful discrimination.


JUNE 28, 2015


REVISED APPEARANCE STANDARDS FOR PASS TRAVEL - Effective June 26, 2015 ["Should" has been amended to read "must."]

The AFA is informing you of this revision to the Appearance Standards as there have been situations/incidents for Pass Travelers in the past few days.

JULY 01, 2015                               Welcome to the new HALAFA.org Website!


We're please to welcome you to our new Hawaiian Airlines Master Executive Council, Association of Flight Attendants - CWA website.  We hope that you will turn to this site as a tool to help you find the information and resources that you need.


We are continually adding and updating information so please check-in on a regular basis.  


In Solidarity and With Aloha, 

Your Master Executive Council 

AUGUST 01, 2015                              Council 43 August Newsletter!


LEC 43 has just posted their August newletter. You can find it by clicking here!



AUGUST 04, 2015                                EMPLOYEE SHIPPING PROGRAM



The HA Employee Shipping Program has been expanded to include most of our west coast airports. Beginning August 1, 2015, employees will be able to send packages up to 46 pounds to or from our U.S. Mainland gateways for a flat rate of $30 and 65 cents for each additional pound up to 500 pounds. [SJC and JFK, as well as international routes are not included in the program.] Shipments within the Hawaiian Islands carry a flat rate of $15 per item shipped up to 50 pounds each. This program applies to shipment of personal items and is on a space-available basis. For more information, including instructions, rules and restrictions, refer to the Employee Shipping Program page of the Pass Travel site.



AUGUST 03, 2015                                 HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS!



Although Tropical Depression Guillermo is slowly diminishing, things can always change. This is a great reminder to ensure that you have supplies in the event that there are power outages or other weather-related ongoings in your area. Fly safe!






SEPTEMBER 01, 2015                              Council 43 September Newsletter!


LEC 43 has just posted their September newletter. You can find it by clicking here!



SEPTEMBER 04, 2015                         KCORP PARKING SHUTTLE - discontinued



The Shuttle service to KCORP will be discontinued effective October 1. For training you may park at the Ualena Lot and display your parking pass, which can be found in your mail file prior to training.


Alternatively, you may also pay to park on the 6th floor of the corporate office building. The associated parking cost, other than the Ualena Lot, is the sole responsibility of the Flight Attendant. The minimum parking rate is $2 for 2 hours with a maximum parking rate is $7 (up to 10 hours)



SEPTEMBER 17, 2015                          Me Ke Aloha Pumehana ~ Linda Correira



It is with a heavy heart that we share with you the sad news of one of our LAX Based Flight Attendant, Linda Correia’s passing this week.  Linda was hired in June 1986 and was based in LAX during her career with Hawaiian Airlines.  We know that her flying partners, friends and passengers will miss her dearly.  Let’s keep her family and LAX FA ‘Ohana in our thoughts and prayers during this time of loss.  Linda, we send to you our fondest Aloha and A Hui Hou.




OCTOBER 01, 2015                              Council 43 October Newsletter!


LEC 43 has just posted their October newsletter. You can find it by clicking here!



DECEMBER 11, 2015      





LEC General Election Information


The AFA-CWA Master Executive Council (MEC) is comprised of two locally-elected Presidents (HNL President Jaci-Ann Chung and LAX President Melissa Hooper) and three MEC officers ( President Sharon Soper, Vice President Scott Henton and Secretary/Treasurer Joni Kashiwai). The Local Council Presidents (LECP) are the voting members of the MEC and each President has one vote with the MEC President breaking a tie.Individuals interested in being considered for the Negotiating Committee should submit a resume and a statement with their “Willingness to Serve” to their Local Council President.


Interested candidates are encouraged, but not required, to give an in-person interview at the MEC meeting to be held on Thursday, January 14, 2016.


Please contact MEC Secretary Joni Kashiwai at joni.kashiwai@hawaiianmec.org if you would like to schedule an interview.


Positions to be Elected


• Three (3) members of the Negotiating Committee.




• A working knowledge of the contract and scheduling rules

• Good interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others

• Respect for and understanding of the union and the negotiations process

• Willing to work long hours till an agreement is reached

• A member in Good Standing

JANUARY  29, 2016                              Negotiating Committee Elections


TO:  The Hawaiian Flight Attendants
FROM:  The AFA Hawaiian MEC
RE:  Negotiating Committee Elections


The Master Executive Council met on Monday, January 25 to elect the next Negotiating Committee for our upcoming negotiations.  We are pleased to announce that Diana Huihui, Ka'imi Lee, Martin Gusman and Jeff Fuke will comprise the new committee.


The committee will be going to the International Office in Washington, D.C. to attend a special training put on by the Collective Bargaining Department in the very near future.


Please join us in thanking Diana, Ka'imi, Martin and Jeff for stepping up.


Mahalo nui loa!


The Master Executive Council
Sharon Soper, Jaci-Ann Chung, Melissa Hooper, Scott Henton and Joni Kashiwai


The Crew Member Self Defense Training Program provides four-hours of training to prepare active crew members of all domestic scheduled carriers for potential physical altercations both on and off the aircraft. 

The training is at no-cost and we will have both a morning (AM: 800 am - 1200 pm) and afternoon (PM: 1230 - 430 pm) session available on all four days. Please know that space is limited and your attendance is at-will so there is no pay/compensation included. The registration will be handled through our Council so you will need to fill in all the fields provided on our website using the link:

1. your name, employee number, affiliation, personal e-mail address and contact phone number.
2. indicate the day and session that you are interested in, but also let us know your back-up choices as the class size is limited; up to 8 choices.

There will be four (4) days with both a morning and afternoon session as follows:

Session A:  Monday, October 3 from 800 am – 1200 pm
Session B:  Monday, October 3 from 1230 – 430 pm
Session C:  Tuesday, October 4 from 800 am – 1200 pm
Session D:  Tuesday, October 4 from 1230 – 430 pm
Session E:  Wednesday, October 5 from 800 am – 1200 pm
Session F:  Wednesday, October 5 from 1230 – 430 pm
Session G:  Thursday, October 6 from 800 am – 1200 pm
Session H:  Thursday, October 6 from 1230 – 430 pm

We will confirm the date and session based on availability. This is a special opportunity to attend the self defense training whereas the sessions are usually only available on the continental U.S.

Q1:  What is the class size for each session?
A1:  The TSA allots one instructor for up to 6 attendees but this depends on the size of the room.  We should have 4 instructors and are currently booking 20 attendees per session as of this writing to be conservative.

Q2:  How physical is this training?
A2:  The TSA provides padding and gear but there is physical contact depending on what you are used to.  They have different scenarios with plastic weapons to aid in the training.  If you are uncomfortable with the amount of physical contact during the session, you will be able to leave the training.

Q3:  Is this available only to Flight Attendants?
A3:  This training is for any active crewmember.  We have extended invitations to the pilot group as well as the United Airlines’ FAs based here in Honolulu and Continental Air Micronesia FAs based in Guam.  Please note that we will not be able to assist with childcare as the room is dedicated to the actual training.

Q4:  Where is the training located?
A4:  It will be held in a room at 3375 Koapaka Street.  We will provide the exact room/suite number and directions in your confirmation e-mail.  

Visitor parking is available on property at a cost of $2/hour.  As an option, you can park at the neighboring property (the Airport Trade Center).  Although there is a cost, you can get 2 hours of free parking with a validation sticker from any of their businesses (Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Ninja Sushi, L & L BBQ, several credit unions, etal.).

Q5:  If I come to the training, will I get paid by the company?
A5:  No.  The training is available to you at no cost, but you will not receive any compensation for attending this optional and voluntary training.  

Q6:  What if the session that I want is full?
A6:  We can place you in a session that is available, however, space is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Q7:   I noticed that there is registration through the TSA.  Do I go on-line and register with them?
A7:  No.  Please use the hyperlink available on our website (halafa.org). 

Q8:  We are bidding right now.  What happens if I sign-up for a session, but am not able to make it because of my bid/reserve line?
A8:  Please e-mail us so we can see if another session is available and works for you.  However, the sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q9:  If I can’t make it to this training, will I be able to attend other sessions?
A9:  This is the only training available in Honolulu.  There are other sessions, but they are located across the Continental U.S.  

Other cities where there is training is available includes:  Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.  There are other cities, but not where HA directly flies.  You can find a complete listing on the TSA website (www.tsa.gov).

Q10:  Is there anything special that I need to sign in advance of the training?
A10:  No.  Please know that the TSA will provide a standard waiver at the start of your session as they do for all of their trainings.  

Q11:  What do I wear or bring to the training?
A11:  The TSA suggests comfortable clothing; you may want to consider athletic wear and shoes however it is not required.  We will provide all the information that you need in a confirmation and reminder e-mail closer to the date.

Q12:  When will the registration period end?
A12:  There is a likelihood that the sessions will not all be filled.  Therefore, we will not close the registration.  As the classes fill-up, we will close the filled classes on an as-needed basis.  This will be noted - as it happens - in the registration process.