The Crew Member Self Defense Training Program provides four-hours of training to prepare active flight attendants, pilots and customer service agents for potential physical altercations both on and off the aircraft. 


The training is at no-cost and we will have both morning (AM: 800 am - 1200 pm) and afternoon (PM: 1230 - 430 pm) sessions available.  Space is limited and your attendance is at-will so there is no pay/compensation included. The registration will be handled through the AFA-CWA, Council 43.


Necessary Information:

1. Your name, affiliation, employee number, personal e-mail address and contact phone number.
2. Indicate the day and session that you are interested in attending including back-up choices.  The class size is limited so please choose all 5 choices in order of preference.


There are three (3) days with morning and afternoon sessions:
Session A:  Monday, October 22 from 1230 pm – 430 pm
Session B:  Tuesday, October 23 from 800 am – 1200 pm
Session C:  Tuesday, October 23 from 1230 pm – 430 pm
Session D:  Wednesday, October 24 from 800 am – 1200 pm
Session E:  Wednesday, October 24 from 1230 pm – 430 pm


We will confirm the date and session via email based on availability. This is a special opportunity to attend the TSA training.  Other than this special offering, Crew Member Self Defense Training is only available on the continental U.S. at the TSA field offices.


Q1:  What is the class size for each session?
A1:  The TSA provides one instructor for 6 attendees contingent on the size of the room.  We should have 3 instructors and are currently booking 18 attendees per session.


Q2:  How physical is this training?
A2:  The TSA provides padding and gear but there is physical contact for some of the maneuvers.  There are different scenarios using plastic weapon models to aid in the training.  If you are uncomfortable with the amount of physical contact, you will be able to leave the training at any time.


Q3:  Is this only for Flight Attendants?
A3:  No.  This training is for any active crewmember including flight attendants and pilots.  However, the TSA is inviting customer service agents so this is a new and welcome addition for us!  We have extended invitations and are including Delta Airlines, Ohana by Hawaiian and United Airlines employees based in Hawaii. 


Q4:  Where is the training located?
A4:  It will be held at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in the Inter-Island Terminal.  There are conference rooms on the 7th floor; the designated room is IIT #2.


Q5:  Where do I park?

A5:  You can park in the Inter-Island terminal.  We will have an airport validation stamp for up to 8 hours of parking for $5.  When you leave the property, you will need to drive through a “cash only” booth.  Other than this, you can park at your employee parking and find your way to the terminal’s conference room.


Q6:  If I come to the training, will I get paid by my airline?
A7:  No.  The training is available to you at no cost.  You will not receive any compensation for attending this optional and voluntary training.  


Q7:  What if the session that I want is full?
A7:  We will place you in a session that is available.  Please accept our apologies as space is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Q8:   I noticed that there is registration through the TSA.  Do I go on-line and register with them for this HNL training?
A8:  No.  Please use the hyperlink available on our website (halafa.org).  The AFA-CWA, Council 43 has agreed to handle the registration for the CMSDT (HNL location).


Q9:  I am an active crew member (Flight Attendant or Pilot) am bidding right now.  What happens if I sign-up for a session, but am not able to make it because of my bid/reserve line?
A9:  Please e-mail us so we can check if another session is available and works for you.  Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q10:  If, on the day of my session,  I can’t make it, will I be able to attend other sessions?
A10:  If there is space available for a later session, we will accommodate you.  Beyond these dates, this is the only training available in Hawaii.  There are other sessions located across the Continental U.S.  Cities in the Pacific region with available training includes:  Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.  You can find a complete listing on the TSA website (www.tsa.gov).


Q11:  Is there anything special that I need to sign?
A11:  Yes.  When you arrive for your session, the TSA will provide a standard waiver provided prior to any TSA training.  


Q12:  What do I wear or bring to the training?
A12:  The TSA suggests comfortable clothing.  You may want to consider athletic wear and shoes however it is not required.  We will provide all the information that you need in a confirmation and then reminder e-mail closer to the date.


Q13:  When will the registration period end?
A13:  Registration will be open through the session dates.  Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q14:  I can’t find a baby-sitter.  Can I bring my child?

A14:  Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist with childcare as the room is dedicated to the CMSD training.